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Company History

In 1976, the Government of Ontario established its first fire code regulations. Seizing this opportunity, brothers Paul and John Lemay formed a fire code inspection company two years later called Regional Fire Protection. Initially, many building and property managers were not aware of the newly established fire code regulations. Shortly thereafter, the Provincial Government partnered with Regional Fire Protection to develop a logbook for tracking periodic inspections. After this, business started to increase for Regional Fire Protection.

While operating The Fire Protection Centre, Paul recognized the need for a consulting company in the fire protection industry. Thus, in 1988, Paul incorporated Regional Life Safety Design & Consulting Inc. to fill this niche in the marketplace.

In 1989, John (Paul's brother) decided to exit the fire protection industry altogether. At this time, the employees of Regional Fire Protection were merged with the employees at The Fire Protection Centre. This same year, Paul's son, who's also named John, joined his father at The Fire Protection Centre working as a sales representative.

Paul's daughter, Catherine Chandler, joined The Fire Protection Centre in 1994, and for the next five years, Paul, John, and Catherine worked together to grow the business.

In 1999, Paul decided to sell The Fire Protection Centre and focus his efforts on Regional Life Safety Design & Consulting Inc. In January 2001, Catherine purchased the company from her father.

In April 2001, Bernie Seguin founded a fire protection company in the Ottawa marketplace called Building Services. In November 2001, Bernie founded another company in the Ottawa marketplace called SECUR Fire Protection (Noti-Secur Inc.), which specialized in fire testing and product servicing.

In October 2003, Bernie teamed up with Catherine Chandler and John Lemay, who had recently rejoined Regional Life Safety Design & Consulting Inc., and the three became equal partners in both SECUR and Regional Life Safety Design & Consulting Inc.

Regrettably, John Lemay passed away suddenly while on vacation in May 2014.

Over the past decade, SECUR has become one of the top three fire protection companies in the Ottawa region and continues to grow as a company each year.

For more information about SECUR and our services, please contact us at sales@noti-secur.com.